Just bought some of these for Maddie (4 1/2 months) as she's constantly chomping on her hands and dribbling. I can see her bottom two teeth below the gum surface and suppose this is why.

Anyone got anything to say about these? Never used them with my first as she rarely chomped on anything, and didn't get her first tooth til gone 10 months.


  • The only thing about them is that the ribbon you get in the box is so short it's just silly. There was no way I could attach it to anything within reach of Abby's mouth! I used a different ribbon, and just used common sense to make sure she didn't strangle herself!
  • Yeah i agree, the ribbon is really short, i attached it to LO dungaree straps when he tried them, but TBH he wasnt that interestED!
  • Hello my love. T has bickiepegs - well he did have them. Today I gave him one as he's really suffering with those teeth still, but as soon as he realised it wasn't a biscuit he threw it down and carried on screaming! LOL
    They used to help loads. I have a couple left if you want me to send them to you for Maddie (in case you can't get any or to the shop etc...)

  • yeah the ribbons are useless but they are great, I used them with Olivia when she started teething and she used to just suck away on them.
  • my cousin uses them with her daughter (10 months no teeth yet) again ribbons are poo but ellie likes chomping on them xx
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