its probably been done before..but...XMAS!!!

Whats everyone getting LO's for xmas and how old are they?

so far we have...

A personalised liverpool kit
bounce and spin zebra
waybaloo ball
chuggington books

we plan to get...

whizz around garage
bear from build a bear workshop
bath toys
one of those walkers that turn into a ride on
a few other chuggington bits

He will be 9 months at xmas

I am going to go mad at christmas because hes my onloy child and its his first xmas...and im a shopoholic. so i need some more insperation...and I just LOVE to talk about christmas haha



  • My LO will only be 4 months but we are getting her a door bouncer, some books, some lamaze bits and pieces and then I'm stuck lol! What are chuggington things? Xxx
  • wow well it would be nice to be able to afford all that stuff ....were getting ds some scooby doo stuff and toy story woody and jessie doll and dd is having a new dolls pram and high chair cos she loves playing with baba's other than that they wont be getting much else from us/santa just some chocolate and maybe a book each is exciting isnt it and this year is the 1st my ds will really understand so i cant wait to see his little face on xmas morning xxx
  • Lily will be two, and getting one or two little things, including some number flashcards I saw in ELC today. Am really struggling to think of what to get Maddie - she'll only be 9 months and we already have everything she could want/need from Lily! Plus she's too young to appreciate anything anyway, really!

    Family dote on them so much they'll have plenty to open.
  • chuggington is a kids programme about trains...DS loves it lol!!

    aerosmith- I do go a bit crazy anyway at christmas but having a baby just makes it worse lol! I saved alot of money while working to tide me over while on maternity leave but ive been very good and havent needed to use it, so im going to treat my special little man image

    i figured I may aswell while I have the money...cant see it being the same when we decide to have another bubba though image

  • Pb you're as bad as me, I keep buying things when I see them on offer and putting them away then forgetting!
    So far lo has:
    Some clothes including a t-shirt with a classic motorbike on as his dad loves bikes
    A wooden hammer toy

    I also want to get him a bear and some more books and not even thought about his "big" present yet, maybe we won't bother this year!

    No idea what to get dh from lo, maybe a bowl for his cereal with his handprint in. And should we get gifts for grandparents from us and lo? And what about aunties and uncles?? Dh still buys for his bro + sis, going to get very expensive if we're getting two presents each!
  • absolutly if i had more money i would buy them more too ...but in reality we dont and they will be thrilled with what they have im sure is far more expensive with 2 and it only gets worse i guess as they get older ...ill start a christmas saving from jan for next year xx
  • Oh we have most of dd's stuff,

    we bought her a storytime Winnie the Pooh
    ITNG interactive trail
    Fisher Price Polar bear play set
    Dress up Noddy
    A pram (a mamas and papas one to match her own pram)
    A cuddly vintage looking Winnie the Pooh
    Talking Upsy Daisy
    Sleepytime Iggle Piggle
    Sleepytime De Li
    Patchwork Makka Pakka
    A doll with her name embroided on it
    A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse drum
    A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse xylphone
    ITNG set of figures

    I know I have a few more things but I cant remember what they are!!
    I am getting a Hello Kitty dressed as a fairy and a few more stocking fillers.

    She is my only child as well and I love Christmas and tend to go a wee bit mad every year! :lol:
  • oooh good idea on the bowl front GC!! im doing a homemade christmas for adults, last year we did secret santa but the spend was still ??????60 and to be honest I didnt really save anything, so we've all agreed that this year we will just buy for the kiddies and I am going to make some chutneys and things, then truffles and bath bombs and things.

  • One point to note with the whizz around garage - it doesn't actually sit together properly and I rather hate it. The little people one is much better IMO. The ELC whizz around one does't have any screws, clips or anything holding it together, it just pushes into place so DS spends about 50% of the time taking it apart. The plastic also warps in the end fairly easily. Ours hasn't yet, but the one I saw in store last year was in a really bad way so the ramp wouldn't sit smoothly (IYSWIM). He wouldn't have had if we'd have been buying, and I still think it will be the first of his big toys to end up in the bin.

    I love the cars come with it but the garage isn't that good.
  • ooh where did you get the sleepytime De Li?? DS loves waybaloo too (I make it sound like he watches tv all the time dont I? lol...he doesnt lol)

  • Agree about the garage - def try before you buy! My nephew (15 months) has the Argos version and he can take the ramp bit apart easily.
  • hehe i've went nuts this year. DD will be my only child ever so it's her first christmas and yes, i'm going crazy for it! lol her birthday is the 7th Jan so i'll probably split this between the two (depending what i get when i go to toys r us and disney coz i havent been there yet! lol)

    we have:
    *a pink bounce & spin zebra
    *a blow up pink beetle (car) swimming/ball pool
    *5 dollies
    *dolls accessories (a backpack with blankets etc)
    *dolls outfits
    *a vtech laptop (she can't play properly but she can hit it to make noise, and hopefully stay off mammy's! lol)
    *some solid woden blocks with letters/numbers/animals on
    *buggy toy steering wheel
    *a willie the whale bath toy/shape sorter
    *shape sorter
    *stacking cups
    *stacking rings
    *toy elephant that you get to name a star with
    *dolly stroller
    *baby cash register

    and i'm pretty sure there is more but without it in front of me i can't remember what it is! lol i'm so glad i managed to save money while on maternity otherwise i could never have afforded all these things but god i've had fun buying! lol
  • ooooh I want to get him a steering wheel for his pushchair too!!!!

    thanks for the tip on the whizz around girls, will def go have a play xx
  • Ha ha *jemmykins* - I was only saying out loud earlier that we'll have to get LO a toy laptop so he can leave mine alone!

    Interesting to hear the other points about the whizz around garage as I was thinking of getting one...never mind, after reading this thread, I've now got more things to put on the list to make up for it! :roll::lol:

    BB xx
  • hun, asda have the vtech ones on a two for ??????20 offer at the min but it's only in store! they've got some amazing toys on this offer for anyone who is starting their shopping now xx
  • I haven't a clue for Alfie. It's so hard trying to find things we haven't already got as Rhys had so much.
    I think he'll have a walker and saw a little train ride on in Asda for ??????11 the other day so may get that too.
    TBH this year will be more about rhys as he'll be 3 and 1st year of being into Christmas properly and we can spoil him wheras next year the money will be between the 2 of them. We've got him a battery powered ride on jeep as his main pressie and then he'll prob have lots of other car bits as he's pbsessed.
  • Ahh, thanks for the Asda tip. Typical that I was only there on Tues, but at least I've now got until next Tuesday to work on DH!!!

    BB xx
  • I got the sleepytime de li from additions

    here's the link, it is so cute, the cheeks light up as well!
  • Glad im not the only one that likes to splash out at xmas! I love christmas - i lost my mum a few years ago so its been hard past few years as its always been a big family thing but this year will be so special as its DDs first! She will be 6.5 months then so most of the things i get will be 9-12months etc. No clothes as she is already fully kitted out up to her 1st birthday...she has soooooo many clothes as i see things and think 'oh i have ot have that' so started butying bigger then bigger sizes lol... image

    im driving hubby demented as i have moved on from that to christmas now! :lol:

    I have only just started shopping and so far she has.

    *a learn and groove table
    *a v-tech walker
    *a 2010 1st christmas harrods bear
    *a silver bracelet
    *a fifi and the flowertots tv thing (the wind up kind?)

    i plan to get her some bath toys, a gorgeous pair of boots i have seen, some musical instuments like wee bells etc and some shape sorters.

    We dont have much family just my dad, sister and aunt (we had a massive fall out with my in laws about 6 weeks ago which i dont think will be resolved as its been alog time coming) and i've to make a list of things for them to get so it'll be things like stacking cups and building blocks etc and theres a v-tech pink 1st baby laptop thing i think is from 9 months and some other similar toys which i will say to them to get!

    Then of course there's the obliatory 'my first christmas' sleepsuit to go to bed in (we got new pyjamas every year growing up so its a tradition i want to keep) fancy christmas dress, christmas bibs etc etc lol.

    Its so exciting....i dont want to wish time away but i cant wait to see her face on the day although i will be more excited than her as she wont have a clue whats going on lol...its her face when we put the tree up i cant wait for with all the twinkling lights! :\)


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  • Aw if I wasn't excited before lauz...I am now after Reading your post haha!!

    Il be adding baby laptop to the list image
    good job we're moving to a bigger house by Xmas!! All this stuff won't fit in my house now lol!!

    I saw a cute Santa bib on mothercare website!! Oh and need to buy santa costume for him!! Lol!! Soooo excited!!

    I'm going to get him a talking nok tok ot yojojo from waybuloo too after seeing that link!!

    HAVE to get down to Argos before this offer ends!!! X
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