hi, just read a post and u said gabe has 3 day naps, does he sleep well at night?? coz jayden has 3 naps too, a few of my family members have commented and said that jayden has too much sleep in the day thats why he still wakes at night

he has 3 naps morning for about 1 and half hours and afternoon and evening for about a hour , he goes down between 8-9 and wakes for a bottle around 2, but from then he sleeps but keeps waking all the time 4 his dummy, or just crying 4 no reason and hes up between 5.30-6, he always ends up in our bed about 12 aswell., such a nightmare,! lol sorry 4 long post xxx


  • Gabe's always slept well at night - he sleeps through 12 hours unless he's ill or his eczema bothers him... Gabe only has about 45 mins naps which is why he needs 3 naps but if Jayden has longer then maybe try waking him a bit earlier. Not sure if it would work tho cos my friends toddler has 2 2 hour naps and still sleeps thru the night!

    Is Jayden in his own room? If not maybe try putting him in it and maybe do controlled crying, ditch the dummy (luckily Gabe doesnt have his at night unless he wakes very unsettled) & the bottle and just let him cry, going to him every so often & then extending the time. It does sound mean but apparently it really works!! xx
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