1st Tooth!!!!

My lo got his 1st tooth through yesterday... my little boy is growing up so fast!! He is 20 weeks tomorrow. xx


  • Oooh well done Jonathan, thats early! Friends lo's nearly 1 and has no teeth yet. Gabe's 6 months today, and still waiting on a tooth but it seems close to the surface!! It's horrible how they grow up so fast isn't it. I have to admit I spoil Gabe to bits cos he'll be running away from me soon, lol x
  • Yes, they do grow up too fast!!

    I can feel a 2nd one now, next to the 1st one....
  • congratulations! my 1st got her 1st 2 teeth by 4 1/2 mths but im still w8ing on graces! shes showing all the signs and they r really causing her jip but not popped thru yet!shes 6 mths but im kinda glad they r takin their time as im breastfeeding!
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