whats wrong with him?

my boy is know 9months old, all wk has slept with us coz he came down with this terrible flu thats going around and now the last to days i cant leave the room etc without him screaming even in the same room he does it. cried all day yesterday, and off and on in the night and some today. hes sleeping at the moment on our bed. we have tried everything, gave him calpol, teething stuff.

any ideas?


  • I had the same probelm with my 15 month old. I tried everything but had to give controll crying a go. I have to say I dabbled at it for a while and got no where but when I stuck to my guns it worked. Talk to your health visitor. She will be be able to advice you. Your not alone.

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  • I guess while he's ill you have to give him what he wants/needs. Hopefully when he feels better you can go back to being firm.
    If he has a temp try brufen medication also as calpol (paracetamol) is only 1 line of defense! We also got a carvol plug in which helped Tom to breathe.
  • It sounds a bit like seperation anxiety as he's been with you so much the last week. When he's completley better make a point of leaving the room for a few minutes and extend it each time,
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