yougurt & petite flous (sp)


I am weaning my lo who is on 3 meals a day although some days she doesnt have much more than a few spoonsfull. She is 24 weeks and i was wondering if i could add in pudding like banana custard or little stars yougurt or petite flous to try and encourage her to eat more

Her rountine is (at the moment changes all the time)

7.30 -bottle between 4 and 7 oz
9ish cereal
11.30 ish bottle take 4 to 7 oz
1.30 ish 1 ice cube tray puree
3.45 ish bottle again 4 to 7 oz
4.45 tea chicken casserole etc
7ish bedtime bottle

She is sleeping through the night and is very active during the day just i feel overwhelmed with this weaning cause she doesnt seem to take a lot of food:x


  • Hi Bino .... my lo is 6.5 months and has yoghurt once a day as HV said to start introducing cows milk slowly from now on ... she loves it!!!
  • I think it sounds like she is doing fine but my lo has a yoghurt/jelly/fruit puree or similar jar of pudding after the 5pm meal. He loves it. It is also a good source of calcium if she has started dropping her milk already.
    Mind you there is some sugar in it so some say not to give every day. Give it a try I bet she'll love it. S x
  • yeah thanks moght try her 2morrow with some petite flous after her tea
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