Sippy cup

Hi im going to get Connor a sippy cup as he wont accept water from a bottle and I was wondering which ones you think are best?


  • Thanks Lara il have a look at them now
  • Hi,
    We use a Doidy cup and its taken a bit of time but our lo's getting really good with it now. Supposed to help their teeth and are reccomemed by dentists-we used one coz he wouldn't get on with a beaker. I had to get them from Amazon as I couldn't find them in normal shops only John Lewis and ours are miles away. Hth x
  • I might have to give one of those a try, I have every other training beacker you can get, and he wont drink out of any of them, so at the moment he's having water out of a bottle which I want to try and stop.

    My HV had a go at me for still using a bottle, but he was getting constipated, so what else could I do!

    I will try one, he always tries to drink out of oh's glass, so he might get on with one of these.
  • So worth a go. Bit weird at first coz of the funny angle but am glad we did and kept at it as he's loads better than he was x
  • We've used a Doidy cup since Charlotte was 8 months. They are great.
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