not sure if we're getting into bad habbits?

Basically Charlie only settles when he's getting cuddles from me, even when he's awake i cant put him down for more than 10mins without him crying and its making it very awkward to get any jobs done - my house is a right state!lol!! I try and put him in his chair, on his mat but he's just not having it. He was even grizzly with his dad this morning but was fine when he came back to me. Its lovely that he feels so secure with me but i know its a bad habbit to get into.


  • hi honey, chances are it could well become a bad habbit! I'm not sure how old Charlie is which would make a difference, but i remember when Evie was at this stage i had to teach her to enjoy her own company and to feel secure without being in my arms.

    I would give her a kiss and cuddle and put her down to roll about with toys and say to her "mammy will be two minutes" and even though she didnt understand exactly what i was saying, after a while they understand that it means you're leaving the room, i'd go and do a job quickly like put out the bins, then come straight back and give her a cuddle.

    I personally think the key is just to find a fine like between giving them too much attention and cuddles, and just leaving them entirely to their own devices. They do eventually learn that if mummy nips out of the room she will come back again, and they learn "hey, it's not actually too bad playing on my own for a bit!"

    It feels horrid leaving them to cry but just take little steps at a time, get little bits of housework done, come give lots of fuss and cuddles, then do a little more!
  • Charlie is 8 weeks so still early days but i know i give into his crys to early, its sooo hard tho! xx
  • Slings are great for getting some things done even if it's just making bottles or a quick tidy up. Do you have one?

    He probably likes the warmth of you, maybe try putting a hot water bottle in his chair & removing it before you put him in...

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