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Hi hun, I was inspired by your thread (quite a while ago now) about the cooking and wondered how you were getting on with it too. So far I've made lots of things - fish pie, leek & potato soup, butternut squash risotto, chilli & curry being a few and they've come out quite well especially the soup! It's much cheaper to make things from scratch isn't it, also I used to hardly ever eat veg but now I eat loads!! Just thought I'd say your post was definitely a success.



  • It's funny you say that as it's an Annabel Karmel recipe! A 9-12 month one but I think it is suitable from 6 months if you blend it down a bit. Gabe turned his nose up at it though so I ate it and I make it for me now as it's yummy. It's on her website. It's also good as (apart from the butternut squash) it's made with all cheap ingredients that most people have in their house anyway.

    Cooking is fab isnt it, the problem is finding the time as Gabe is quite demanding these days!

    I think he was easiest at Gracie-Faye's age (is Gracie Faye hyphenated or not?)


  • Just gate-crashing.....I bought the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food book after reading the post that katie put on as only ??10 on Amazon with free delivery!
    Love the book and made a few things and frozen portions for Charlotte.
    Am making Hungarian Goulash for tea tonite (mil's recipe) and freezing some for Charlotte. She's never had it before so hope she likes it. I think having a baby opens your eyes to lots of things inc cooking lots of lovely food!!
  • have you made flapjacks yet Katie? :lol:

    I made profiteroles and eclairs the other day just to try something new. wondering how to make croissants as i seem to be craving them at the moment... image

    I love cooking, and will happily bake all day, Ollie has other ideas though, always wants to help, but mummy just isnt brave enough to let him help yet! :lol:

  • Actually I meant to tell you ages ago that it got me cooking too. I always rip recipes out of magazines but they lie in a drawer so I was inspired to start cooking. In fact tonight we're having a spicy chicken and sweet potato thingie.
    So far Archie loves butternut squash so might iev the risotto a go when he's 6 months. S x
  • yay, Katie has inspired us all to be chefs hehe!!

    Lara, how's slimming world going? I'm back on it again, was eating healthily of my own accord and lost 4lbs but its not as fast as sw so am following the plan again! Wish me luck this time!xxx
  • Oh no lol, I don't think I could manage sw if I was working, like you say its so much prep time isnt it??

    I've lost 7lbs in total now (4lbs in 5 weeks dieting on my own, 3lbs this week on SW!) and am 12 stone 11 ish, I want to get down to 11stone (which would make me a size 12!!!) by my 21st in june, cos we're going away on the same day for our first little family holiday and I wanna look semi decent.

    I think i might buy some topshop jeans in a 12 to spur me on!!!

  • hmm dont think I would skip down the street naked with my jelly belly! Have a serious 'overhang' going on from the c section lol!

    It's so hard battling to lose weight isnt it! I can do diets and not feel hungry but like you say, it's way easier to reach for the junk. I have a huge appetite and can easily get through a whole pack of biscuits etc, I just never feel full lol xxx
  • ha,i have a massive appertite too, i can eat more then oh and im always snacking, i was 12 stone 9 but have lost5lb in the last 6 weeks its sooo hard, im thinking of joining slimming world too now... xx
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