well max has slept through for the past week, 7-6 i feel unbelievable relieved yet more tired?? in the monrings i feel zonked even though my sleep is unbroken?? since he been in his own room and not with me he sleeps like a baby ! doh he is one lol xxx


  • Well done Max! Can he pass on some tips to Oscar? Lol

    You're so used to broken nights it takes a while to get used to full sleep. That horrible morning feeling will go soon!

    Enjoy it hon xxx
  • hi, thanks for your reply! shame some people i thought were my friends werent so nice in a quick hi back! xx
  • Well done Max! I know what you mean about feeling more tired, I am finding the same with Beth- but in my case it's because I keep waking up and lying there listening to the baby monitor because I expect her to wake any time!
    I'm sure you will get used to it and start feeling more rested soon.
  • hi sb, been moving house and just got fed up a bit with it on be cos of all troll shit, then when i finally decide to make an apearance no one talks to me (apart from you and one other lol) and then becki reapears too!!

    anyhow how old is the little one now?? max is a right fat little monkey lol xx
  • Has he got any tips for Lucy?! She's started waking up at stupid hours, i'm shattered all the time! Doom x
  • hi hun, well done max! shame jayden still is NOT sleeping through and hes 10 months!! LOL im always tired even if oh gets up with lo in the night... im forever walking around like a zombie... lol xxx
  • max just started to do it on his own accord!! bed at 7, and bam he's out for the night lol xx
  • I think it might be Lucy's teeth but she seems to have become a fan of 5am recently! I'm not so much of a fan x
  • lol max has got two front teeth now, he has 3 meals a day and his last bottle at 7, then he's out, its like a miracle, it used to be 2/4 then up at 5! i dont know if it is cos he in his own room now though xx
  • Lucy was so much better as soon as she went into her own room too. It def made a difference for us. She's only been on 1 meal a day since we started weaning 3 weeks ago. I'm going to try her with a second meal and see if that does anything to help.

    Bless his 2 front teeth, i wish Lucy's would hurry up and come through x
  • thats great!

    It's weird how our bodies have to get used to 'sleeping through'! :lol:
  • yeah,

    6am bottle
    9am - breakfast
    5pm - dinner and pudding

    then bed lol xx
  • woohoo well done max! Must be such a relief especially since you have your hands full with your other 2!!!

    I hope it continues! x
  • Yay, well done Max. Wish we could move Archie into his own room as I think it would make loads of difference (we're in a 1 bed flat and can't sell just now!) He's started waking at 5 so I spend next 2hrs trying to get him back to sleep.
    Hope Max keeps it up. S x
  • Well done Max, clever boy.
    I found the same thing, when my little girl started sleeping through i felt more tired.
    Maybe you get used to having less sleep!!!
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