i have removed my...

avator because personally i dont want any of these sad weirdos looking at my baby
shame really because she is gorgeous



  • I'm gonna do the same too honey. It upsets me to think about it. If you are on FB, make sure your profile is private, and so are your pics, so no-one can look at them.

  • I have just done the same. This has freaked me out
  • I've already removed mine. Shame really cos I'm so proud of my lo, as I'm sure you are all proud of yours x
  • Just testing to see if mine has been deleted too.
  • can still see gorgeous lo Garfield
  • I will be damned if anyone will 'force' me to remove pics I have posted on this site. They are there by my choice and will stay for as long as I choose. There are a few people (hmmm I will play along but I think its all the same person) that is trying to ruin this site for all.

    Sorry for the rant, but I find it annoying that mommies on here feel like they have to 'hide' from each other due to recent events.

    Will calm down now!

  • Me too, i dont post very often on baby forum but after seeing what has been going on here, the idea of someone being horrible about my lo is so upsetting, really feel those ladies who had been targeted. xx
  • I have to agree im not going to remove my pic..really should not give the one (or two )odd balls the satisfaction of rising to it,as this is clearly what they want!!!!!
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