Its snowing

I know most of you already have snow but after complaining about us not getting none down here in cornwall it has just started to snow. Cant wait for ollie to wake up now!


  • We've had very light snow showers all morning. Still haven't got anywhere near as much as they said we'd get though.

    Snow, snow, snow!! image

  • i know what you mean we work up to lots of it this morning im tempted to call justins school and pretend he has a docs appointment so he can have a half day and get a chance to play in it, Maya has been out all morning. even charlie who is only 12 weeks has been out in it, every time we come in the house he starts crying, so wrapped him up warm put him in his car seat part of his travel system and took him out side, with in 5 mins he was asleep lol, so is now back in just hope he dosnt wake and notice he is no longer out side lol x
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