Rubbish supply and needles in nipples!!!

As I couldn't feed Archie when he was on life support I expressed as best I could. Now we're trying to continue but I have 2 probs. Firstly my supply is rubbish and I feel like my boobs are totally empty- he sucks for ages and still cries after as if he's hungry, I know it's supply and demand but I think he's getting tired from all the effort. Secondly it's soooooo painful- feels like I have needles in my nipples and I've not had this before. Any ideas- I don't want to give up especially as he's had such a bad time but don't want him to go hungry either....


  • i had the feling of needles a simpthise(sp) with you. my hv suggested nipple sheilds which were my life saver, it may be an option for you. Hope your supply picks up adn the pain eases, love fiona & hayden 9wks
  • Have never had the feeling of needles but worth following fiandup's suggestion of using nipple sheilds - I used them in the early days of feeding and they were only a few pounds in tescos.

    As for your supply - it might be worth expressing after each feed to help it and offer him a feed as often as possible. Would you be happy topping him up wth formula?

  • tbh, honey, with all that you have been through, it is no wonder you are struggling feeding!

    Archie probably is getting very tired feeding with all he's been through, and it sounds like if he is struggling to get milk from you (cos of poor supply), he is working too hard, and getting knackered- it will be a chicken and egg situation at the moment - your supply is poor as he isnt stimulating enough, yet he cant stimulate as he is knackered!

    it may be an idea at the moment to wake him for feeding after a short time lapse - it will be hard for a few days, but when your supply is up, he wont need to be the same.- if he has been going 3-4hrs between feeds, wake him after every 2-3 instead. when he is well, and you are suppling again, you can go back to demand feeding

    make sure your nipples are not sore with thrush - this can affect supply too.

    although nipple creams and shields are not recommended, they could be worth a try.

    in view of your circumstances, you maybe able to get some medication from your GP to boost your supply. usually this is something like Maxolon (metoclopromide).

    if you can, i suggest you ring your Trust and see if they have a Lactation Consultant (midwife) that you can see, and she will be able to give you some more advice, and maybe prescribe the drug for you!!

    i read your other post -you've had a shocking time, but i am sooooo glad he is back home with you! :\)
  • BE playing up -double post!

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  • i too was gonna say needles could be a sign of thrush so you might wanna get checked out as you can be prescribed a cream for your nipples.Good idea to see if your gp can prescribe something to boost your supply but you can also get herbal things to help if you wanted 2 try that.You have been thru so much,im glad archie is ok and hope you and your family have a wonderful xmas xxx
  • Thanks girls - he has only gone 2 hours at most today but boobs still like a spaniels ears. I can top up but when?? Do I let him feed and then give a bottle straight after when he's tired out or shall I leave him for a few hours and offer the bottle then?
    Also needles in the boob getting worse, the ends in particular are agony and hurt all the time not just when feeding - I did wonder about thrush but how would I know? He has a clean mouth & bum so don't think he has it.
  • are your nipples red looking and shiney at all??sometimes can be white on them.
  • They do seem quite red and shiney but no white. Typical it's the bl**dy weekend now. Any home remedies I can try???
    Just tried expressing as he had sucked R side for about 15 mins and not had L side for a few hours. Nothing from either....
  • go to an out of hrs docs hun or do you have an emergency doctors??you should get it seen to b4 it gets worse and they will prob give you something and aso something for archie as it can pass between you both.Try and rest if possible xxx
  • hi again!!

    have been at work all night, so sorry if become garbled!!

    i'm not sure that resting at the moment would be a good idea- your boobs havent been stimulated well, and your body may think it is time to stop if you dont feed for a few days - it may recognise it as weaning off the boob at this point.

    see if Boots / chemist can give you some nystatin drops for your boobs just to stop possibility of thrush

    as for topping up, you could do it after any feed, but maybe try cup feeding so he would lap at it instead of getting tired sucking. what you could maybe do to a)give your boobs a rest, b)know he gets a good feed, is just do a one off formula feed.

    hope they are better this morning anyway!

  • Getting really tired!
    Last night he fed, cried, fed and cried for 2 hours until we gave him a bottle of formula which he guzzled and went to sleep. Have breast fed all day but offered formula after 2 feeds to ensure he was getting enough and he seems much happier.
    Because he went 4 hourds I thought my boobs had filled and the right was REALLY painful so I expressed but only got 3oz. Fed him both sides and then he took the EBM aswell.
    Have a hard area on the right side which stays hard when rest goes soft after a feed, so def going to Dr Monday. Don't know whether to admit defeat and get on with bottles or persevere because I know I'll regret not giving my best shot.
  • The hard area could be a blocked duct - I've had this a couple of times when they lo has been really unsettled at night. I think your doing the right thing by persisting and topping up with formula to ensure he gets what he needs. Hope the doctor helps.

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