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Imyia has asthma

Aww bless her! Sometimes they grow out of it. I've heard that it will help if you change her pillow case every night, wash the pillow itself (as long as it's not feather) on a very hot wash once a month and hoover the mattress to get rid of the dust mites that make asthma much worse. xox


  • Hi!
    I'm glad they are looking after her!! And that she is enjoying the water!!
    Hopefully it is a case of baby asthma-this is often grown out of-I had inhalers as a child and after a few years didn't need it. Also my 11year old was diagnosed with baby asthma around 14mths and after a few bad years she was given the all clear and discharged from the clinic.
    I hope she settles at night for you and starts to feel better!!
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