He stopped breathing!

Hi all, am so upset and shaken this morning. At 3 this morning my little man woke up, so I was tickling his head for him to go back to sleep, and he paused breathing. This isnt unusual for him, and usually after afew seconds he'll take another breath, or if you tickle his tummy he'll do it. So I waited, and nothing, so I tickled his belly and said his name, and still nothing! So I panicked and grabbed his shoulder and he was rigid, so I gave him a little jolt and shouted his name and he took a massive breath in. But it was so scary and I felt so sick. Like I say, he does pause quite alot, especially in his sleep, but always remembers to breath in after a pause. He had his 3rd set of jabs today, so the doctor checked him over (I waited outside when he had his jabs) and hubby said the doctor said it was probably a normal pause in breathing. It wasnt, I know him and am very used to him taking long pauses, but this was far too long and the fact his whole little body was rigid. I'm petrified it's going to happen again when i'm not awake and he'll forget to breath in again. Has anyone had this happen? :cry:



  • Poor you, i'm not surprised your upset and shaken.

    I didn't want to read and run bt dont know what to suggest other than buying a motion sensor pad things to put your mind at rest while he's sleeping?
  • Oh you must have been so scared. I've not actually experienced this so don't really know what to suggest, but as lisajoy suggests a motion sensor mat could help put you at ease for when he's sleeping.
  • Thanks for replies girls. He's asleep next to me now and am watching him like a hawk. I have got an angelcare monitor but havent used it yet as i've heard about the false alarm aspect? But think i'll set it up for tonight as i'll never sleep again otherwise. Hope your little ones are ok. xxx
  • I think your better off having a few false alarms instead of never sleeping again! Atleast you know you might get false alarms so shouldn't completely panick if it goes off??!!
  • I have used a tommee tippee sensor pad monitor with both my girls & yes there are false alarms when they roll off it & things but I definately find it soo much more reassuring. We have had quite a few false alarms, especially when they start rolling about & admittedly when the alarm goes off we still jump & we still feel our heart speeding up even though we know deep down that it more than likely a false alarm. I still wouldnt be without it though.

    Hilary x
  • I don't have a baby yet but I just wanted to say that I did this a lot as a baby. Actually I've done it most of my life. I don't know what it is but I forget to breathe or something. It never caused a real problem when I was a baby or now (I'll be 21 in Jan).
    My dad had a habit of doing this as well. So maybe it runs in our family, but it never caused a problem for him either.
    Is it only when he sleeps? Could be sleep apnea.
  • I just got off the phone with my mom. She said that when I was a baby she brought it up with the doctor many times but they never seemed too worried as I would always start breathing again at some point. Because it kept happening though she was told to log when it happened and how long etc. That way they could see if there was a pattern too it. After a while though I did it less and less often.
  • Thanks Hilary, it's good to know that they are useful despite the false alarms. I will set mine up. I guess it's better to know that you can get there quickly if god forbid anything did happen.

    Monique Nicole, my hubby also has sleep apnoea, and I find myself checking on him too. It was quite a shock when we first met! Your mum must have been a nervous wreck! The thing that concerns me is that I genuinely believe if I hadnt given him a jolt he wouldn't have started again this time. It just seemed different to his usual pauses (he does stop for quite awhile sometimes) I'll set up my monitor and just keep an eye on things (will probably still hover over him as well to be honest) Hopefully it was a one off.

  • Hi Rebecca

    Just wanted to say i have the angelcare monitor with the sensor pad and have been using it for about 5 months now and so far touch wood etc haven't had any false alarms.

    It just outs my mind at rest on a night when i can see it working.

  • Thanks Cazz, that's great to know and will stop me worrying as much. xxx
  • My hv got a paediatric nurse to come & see me to show me basic life support in case of an emergency. Maybe you could ask about it too?

    The nurse did tell me baby's do breathe iregularly and it can be frightening. Sometimes Charlotte stops but not for very long then takes a big breath or sigh. As she's got older (now 10 months) she does it less. Some lo's breath hold when they are upset too.

    Maybe you should get a sensor monitor like others have suggested & maybe ask about 1st aid. I asked cos I did not have a clue what to do in case of lo not breathing or fitting. Oh had done a course at work but I'm with her most of the time so I wanted to know too.
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