Does everyone else feel like this?

When your Lo's are ill - nothing serious just a sick bug etc, do youfind that you are consumed with worry?

When the kids are actually being sick I'm fine, oh even commented today on how calm I am "everything a sick baby wants from his mummy" he said. He said I was calm and controlled but caring too and just know what to do. lo is in bed I cant stop worrying. I'm even more worried that dd will get it and be sick in the night. I hate the idea of her waking up alone and feeling ill as she's old enough to know whats coming! I know I wont sleep tonight, will jump at every sound and be checking them constantly.

I always thought I was paranoid but a friend said today she's the same. Is anyone else like this?



  • Yes! I am the same. Will he overheat while i'm asleep? What if he's sick? What if I don't hear him? Ahhhgggr, never ending. I'm sure Nathan will be fine, and you'll be better off getting some sleep (easier said than done I know!) xxx
  • yup totally agree, we've put JJ to bed and i'm literally doing 2 min checks on him, i think i'll be going to bed really soon just so i can keep my eye on him!! x
  • omg, im exactly the same- actually started to worry that i was too over protective and anxious so its nice to know im not the only 1! my 2 girls have just been poorly and jus getting over it, but my eldest (4yrs) slept nxt to me for about 4 nights. xxx
  • yes it just cant be helped, when ever the get hurt im worse both of my older two have fallen down the stairs at least once and each time i actually had to run to the toilet to be sick.

    I think my three are trying to worrie me to death at the moment as they are all not well,
    justin the oldest just has a cold
    maya the middle one has a temp of 38.8c around 101f
    and charlie the baby has sickness and diarrhea
  • Thanks Ladies, its nice to know I'm not the only one.

    Touch wood Nathan has kept everything down today and no more dioreeah. (sp).

    Oh is out tonight so will have dd in with me which should make me worry less about hearing that "muuuuummmmm" call in the middle of the night!

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