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Hi all,
my baby is just over 3 weeks old now and up until last night was ebf. I've tried to express with no luck so I bought some formula last night to let oh do a feed and give me a break (this kid eats non stop and with an active 2 year old to run after all day I'm exhausted!!). I wanted to introduce a bottle fairly early on so that I can have a bit of freedom from bubs when he's a little older, but it didn't go too well last night. He only took about 1oz and kicked up such a fuss about it that I ended up just finishing the feed myself.
Has anyone else had problems introducing a bottle? Should I just keep trying him with it until he's used to it, or are there any tricks I could try?


  • Hey Hun! I introduced a bottle to lo when he was about 2 weeks old and he took it really well. However after about 3 weeks I stopped and now at 11 weeks he won't take one! I'm perservering, so that would be my advice but i'd love to hear of any tricks too! Xx
  • Hi - I think it's a good idea to introduce a bottle now. We did and Toby was fine going from breast to bottle so I stopped bothering at about 4 months. Then when I needed him to take a bottle at 8 months he wouldn't take one!!! Took two weeks to get him taking them again so don't make the same mistake I did, lol! I would recommend giving a bottle at least once a week, whether formula or EBM.

    The way I got him to start taking it again was to offer the bottle before every breastfeed during the day (didn't bother at night because I plan to keep BFing at night until he drops those feeds). At first he wouldn't even let me get the bottle near his mouth but after a while he started playing with it and after about a week of this (I know, groan!) he suddenly started drinking from it. Just an oz or two at first (after which I would top him up with a BF) but it gradually increased until he was taking full feeds and now he's fine switching between the two.

    What bottles/teats are you using? I highly recommend the TT CTN ones which are very "breastlike"!

    Good luck image
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