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7 months, what to feed for breakfast

Hi all,

i'm just wondering what you feed your little ones for breakfast, at the moment mine is having a pasta and sauce dish for tea with a fruit puree for dessert. to finger fed rusks for lunch which she loves. but for breakfast im struggling she's eatign fruit purees at the moment but i cant help feeling that it must be a little boring for her so was wondering if you had any suggestions. apart from the rusks i make all her good myself so i'm looking for something i can make preferably.

thanks guys
lisa x


  • hi. at 7 months i have always given mine weetabix or ready brek made with boiled cows milk. hope this
  • can you do that? thats fantastic, i'll give it a go tomorrow morning thanks!!!
  • Matthew is 6 mths and he has weetabix or ready brek with fruit puree mixed in, he loves it. x
  • mine has either weetabix, baby cereal or toast and fruit for breakfast. you can use cows milk in cereal and cooking from 6 months (as far as i know anyway). also i used to make porridge oats with fruit puree for my first with he loved. does she only have rusks for lunch or is that for pud? just wondering coz you never mentioned any meat and veg. meals?
  • Hi there, I also give my lo ready brek, weetabix, yougurt, toast fingers and recently cheerios which he loves as he can pick them out of the bowl and eat them himself.
  • hiya, when can u start to give LO toast and stuff (finger foods)? Is it when they start to get teeth?
  • i started mine at 7 months, but they say around 9 months, whenever you think they are ready (and won't choke lol!) mine tried to eat everything in sight so thought i'd try him and he was fine with it, they don't need teeth x.
  • hi i give joseph ready brek for breakfast with cows pasturised milk mixed with fruit puree he loves it. i have started giving him finger foods such as carrot or apple but he would rather chew his toys! he loves wotsits though gobbles them down no prob he six months old xx
  • All mine have started out on ready brek!! They've all loved wotsits too - they're just the right size for little fingers! Another one thay've all njoyed has been skips coz the melt almost as soon as u put em in ur mouth.
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