Phobias-what freaks you out for no reason?!

Have been away for a bit and missed BE so this might have been posted before so sorry if I'm repeating!
Anyway was thinking yesterday about phobias (think it was the NHS anti smoking advert I have to hide from!) as I really HATE clowns. No idea why or when it happened but can't bear them. Am dreading when lo grows up hope no one sends him cards with clowns or wants one for his party!
Knew a guy who hated buttons and the bigger the scarier??
Also know someone who hates small things-like hundreds and thousands or ants all at once together. He's no idea where it comes from but has always been like that!
So what about you? Anyone agree with me about those weirdy clowns? x


  • robots, especially the big one at butlins, i ran screaming and fell over a chair in front of everyone - kids, adults etc the shame
  • I have a few phobias but most have a rational explanantion:

    clowns - cos i watched IT when i was very young
    birds - cos i was swarmed by them in trafalgar square when i was very young
    all bugs - cos my mum is so must have picked it up from her, also they are just creepy. I have even hoovered my shoes cos im afraid bugs will get in!

    My only irrational fear (that i can think of) is sticky out belly buttons. They make me feel sick, even thinking about them now is freaking me out. i dont know why they freak me out. I was terrified my baby would have a sticky out belly buttton and was so glad when she didnt. I hated my belly button when i was pregnant.
  • I did post this b4 months ago......... I have a massive bumble bee phobia............ not honey bees or wasps, they dont bother me, and ive no fear of being stung, its just bumble bees! When I encounter one I go into a breathless panting crying shaking freak and feel like Im going to die! a couple of times Ive panicked so much I caused a nose bleed.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Birds on mass I totally understand-with beady little eyes-errrr!
    Robots I understand too but still the clowns. Hope I don't pass it on to Alfie x
  • Deep water... I cant watch programmes where they show things like scuba diving or sharks etc my breathing starts to get very irratic!!
  • I am seriously panicked by spiders. Like hyperventalating panicked!! Also a fear of bridges with water under them but that stems of falling off a peir in Cape Town when I was yonger only to find out that, that same day fishermen were catching sharks from that same peir. F*ck me even just thinking about it has given me chills.
  • Cooper7 that sounds awful you poor thing-obviously you were ok. That phobia is totally understandable.
    Thing is with phobias I guess they never make sense you just know how they make you feel. Glad I'm not the only one.x
  • lol Mum to 1it was pretty scary, thankfully I wasnt right at the bottom of the peir where it is really deep, I was only about half way down but still the water was far too deep for me to even think about standing up - good job I am a pretty good swimmer and there were a fair few lifeguards about. Came out of it all shaken and scared but mentally scared for life.
  • Maggots! I can't stand them they make the hairs stand on end all over my body. I can't even watch them on telly. I'd be no good in a bush tucker eating trial!
  • Errrr yeah maggots. Have to say anything creepy crawly isn't my thing! Hope lo's not in to worms etc-poor kid can't like clowns, creepy crawlies-i'll be wrapping him up in cotton wool next. Errrr actually no. . .honestly can't stand the feel of cotton wool when you tear it. At school other people have to do that bit bfeore I can mop anyone up (with water only obviously!) x
  • i have a HUGE fear of spiders to the point if they are even slightly near me i cant breath and cry and i had one spider that was so big it made me throw up with fear!!

    also, (really wierd one) flour freaks me out. i cant use it to make a cake but i cant have it touch my skin and i cant be in the kitchen if its on a chopping board, when people use it to roll pastry etc. i dont know what it is about it but i cant take it. makes my back teeth so funny and my stomach turn. lol


    40+10 :cry:
  • Spiders - my dh can't understand how they make me feel all weird and creapy...

    Railway crossings - I think something must have happened to me in a past life on one - or its to do with a program about ghosts that has stuck in my mind - I shiver all when I go accross one in a car. (in the program - there was a crossing where aparently if you park on it then the car/van etc will move off it - they parked a dirt van accross it and then they could see lots of tiny hands which they said had pushed it.)

    Flying - the first time I flew we flew through part of the 1989 hurricane, another time was a day after the concord crash, I flew out on the day that the plot to take down planes to america was foiled........I have to drug myself with phenagan to get myself on a plane now and have done for a while!
  • As the risk of being labelled a complete weirdo, what makes my skin crawl is.....bagged lettuce. I can't put my hand into a bad to pick some out without the hairs on my arms standing up and my jaw tightening. I have no idea why, but it's the cause of much amusement for my OH. I'm ok with watercress bizarrely, but anything else - NO!!!!!! xx
  • I think it's good to share! Anyone else with me on cotton wool? Sets me teeth of thinking about it but am ok with the cotton wool balls-weird or what?
    Loopy Loo with you on the flying thing the more I think about t the more uneasy I feel and I want to get off the plane there and then! We flew on hol the day witht the threats and we arrived and there were Police everywhere and we flew from a tiny airport so I knew somethin' was up. Glad I no idea till we arrived and we had all our family ringing asking if we were ok-every right to feel freaked out then! x
  • Mum to 1 - we were leaving Gatwick airport on one of the earliest flights out and were told we had to put our hand baggage in our suitcases (were allowed extra baggage allowance) but not why!! We found out when we got to Koz, very late, and turned on the tv!! Am very glad I didn't know!

    I hate nail files - the sound makes me shiver all over!
  • mum to 1- yes i agree with the cotton wool!! i can use the pads but not the roll that you have to pull a bit off. gives me the creeps. xx
  • I am terrified of spiders, had one in the other morning and it had to go up the hoover!! Was far to big for OH to even get with a glass!! Urgh I hate em!!

    OH is terrifeid of clowns. Like someone else said this stems from watching 'IT' very young!!

  • Oooo i have a couple more. Daddy long legs. I cannot breathe if they are in the room. They are disgusting. I think its cos they fly at you and im afriad it will get in my hair.

    I also hate it when im reading and my nail catches the paper. If i think about it now my hands feel all funny!
  • Spiders!!!

    And hair and fluff, just makes me feel really sick, like cleaning hair brushes, and OH has to empty the hoover for me, That gives me gooose bumps!
  • Ok this isn't a phobia but it makes me want to gag and if I can avoid it I would do almost anything-hearing other people chew-errrrrr! If me and oh are sat next to each other I have to turn the telly up so I can't hear him. Even worse is my mil-has a clicky jaw doesn't matter if she's eating chops or soup even now it makes me want to hurl!
    Phew. . . I'm not the only one with the cotton wool thing! So gald I got this all of my chest-I am normal thanks ladies!!!x
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