Reflux symptoms

I'm struggling with my LO, he screams during every feed and it's become a nightmare. I've heard of reflux and silent reflux but I don't know what they are. For those of who you have babies who suffer from these, could you please let me know what their symptoms are and how you knew to go to the docs. Thanks x


  • hi

    tyler has reflux and his symptoms were:

    sick quite alot
    restlessness at night
    gurgly belly
    uncomfortable on his back

    the main thing for us was his problems at night as he used to thrash around all night grumbling and just not able to get comfy. it was put down to wind for a long time, after seeing a paed he is now on gaiscon and ranitidine and is so much better

    sarah+tyler(15 weeks)
  • Olivia has reflux and she is sick constantly between feeds, she needs to be kept upright after each feed for usually 1 hour, she thrases in her sleep, screams when being winded.
  • Thanks for your replies, does anyone know is the restlessness at night always a symptom? It's just that you've described my LO perfectly other than the nights. Although he's up twice, he settles very well and can sleep a 6 hour stretch x
  • My LO has reflux and possible milk allergy/intollerance

    - sick frequently after feeds increased from around week 10
    - coughs and hiccups
    - screams in pain mostly in the middle of her naps
    - hates being on her tummy, makes her cough so 'tummy time' doesnt really happen

    She's on infant gaviscon (to thicken milk in the stomach and stop it coming back up) and rantidine (to help stomach stop producing acid which burns the throat when the reflux occurs).

    Inka xxx
  • my wee man has reflux and for him its mostly that he is sick alot just after and between feeds like he can still be being sick for hours after a feed. He also has a lot of hicups tho he is lucky that he doesnt seem to get an awful lot of pain. He is on gaviscon.
  • oooo forgot the hiccups, he has them every single day at least once.
  • My boys have silent reflux, so all of the above symptoms minus the sickness and with much more discomfort. However, they are allergic to milk so I dont know how much was related to that. They eventually refused milk as they were in so much pain. They are now on gaviscon, as well as cows milk free formula and are getting better. Write down LO's symptoms and see your GP hun, I know how horrid reflux can be xxx
  • Yeah I forgot the hiccups as well and they always sound really wet and painful.
    Even though Olivia thrashes in her sleep she does sleep all night from 8pm-9am so the reflux doesnt always affect the night routine.
  • They can get reflux because the spincter muscle at the top of the aesophagus (sp?) isn't yet fully developed and so doesn't close properly. You can apparently tell if the sick is coming from the stomach and not just possiting if it is a curdled or projectile. As you know when you are sick it can 'burn' your throat which then makes them cry which then makes it worse so its a vicious cycle. As well as the medication keeping them more upright helps and also when you wind them rub rather than pat their back as this can also aggravate it.

    Definatley go see your gp. Hope it improves soon. Sasha's got better with just the gaviscon, and I make sure that when she lays down anywhere she is always slightly propped up with a cushion.
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