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what to use on babys dry skin on face?

LO had really peely dry skin on ankles, wrists and hands etc, the HV suggested olive oil to make it better which i've been using and it has improved her worst bits but now the skin is peeling on her face too and i dont want to put olive oil on her face, any suggestions? :\)


  • Hiya
    my DD is suffering with patches of dry skin & my HV has prescribed a cream called Diprobase. It stinks lol but It seems to be doing the trick!!

    However I'd give e45 a go - I use this on her face & it's lovely.

    HTH xx
  • i use olive oil all over ds and on face too,its the most gentle natural thing u can use so dont worry about it on the face,just keep out of the eyes.
    Also vaseline around the cheeks and chin is great x
  • I went to baby massage yesterday and we were able to use olive oil on the face, it is very natural so I wouldn't worry, this can be used on her head too, as long as you don't mind the greasy hair!!!! x x
  • Oilatum has been great for us. There is a bath version which makes his skin lovely and soft, and I use the cream on his face. He had particularly dry skin on his forehead and behind his ears, and the cream has worked great. Good luck!
  • DD1 hadreally bad excema and we used eumovate when really bad (even spareingly on face occaasionally) but the rest of the time we used and still use aveeno and dermol. I use diprobase personally but can't use E45.
    On DD2 i only use olive oil on whole body inc. face as a massage after bath.
    Good luck
  • Hiya "Magic Cream" by Avent is fab! Use this for a few days and it will clear up. My LO had really bad skin in his first few weeks and after about 3 days of using it, it disappeared! Its great and only costs about ??5. xx
  • I use Vaseline, or olive oil. Both are as natural as you can get so just personally I wouldn't buy a cream (not saying you shouldn't).
  • i agree about the olive oil - natural and works wonders.

    an alternative is aqueous cream - its a water based moisturiser that can also be used as a soap/cleanser.

  • I used Olive oil all over on my DS, even on the face, I just made sure that it did not go near his eyes.

    Worked wonders and really is the most natural treatment.

  • i also use olive oil and vaseline xx
  • aqueous cream or e45 if you don't want to use olive oil or vaseline
  • I use vaseline or aqueous cream on the girls
  • Hiya, just wanted to say that aqueous cream should really only be used as a soap substitute, not just as a moisturiser. For my LO I used aqueous instead of soap then olive oil when she had dry skin after birth. I now use the Body Shop's Buriti Baby after each bath x
  • olive or sunflower oil, they're the closest to the oils produced naturally in skin so the least likely to give a reaction...hth xx
  • I'd second olive oil or aqueous cream.

    I use olive oil quite regularly on LO's face and her scalp (she has cradle cap) - HV recommended it a few days after she was born as she got really dry on her arms and legs and again when the cradle cap appeared. I smear it across her forehead when I'm doing her scalp. It has to be the most natural thing you can out on a baby.

    The aqueous cream was actually prescribed by the doctor to use as a moisturizer on her face when she had baby eczema and we still use it sometimes now. As it came on prescription for LO it was free and we have a huge pot of it, so that could be the cheapest option.

  • I love love love Mama Nature's Tiny Troubles Rescue Cream.  It smells a-may-zing and I just know when I put on my little bundle it is safe. It is pricey compared to others I have used but it comes in a good sized pump dispenser and it goes a long way. My little un never gets dry skin any more. It's freshly hand made too which I love.

  • One word


    Life changing brand its brilliant x

  • Vaseline! Just the pure petro jelly though, not their offshoot products.

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