LO got bad cold, up all night

My gorgeous little girl has got the worst cold ever! She`s teething at the moment and also had her jabs at the beginning of last week. This is when her sniffle started to get worse. I took her to the docs on Monday because i actually thought she had conjuctivitus as her eyes were red and bloodshot and expelling green gunge. Docs took a swab to send off to the hospital which when i phoned this morning they still haven`t got the results back - how crap!
Anyway at 3 this morning she was howling and i couldn`t seem to calm her down. I gave her some more calpol because the last dose she had was a 6.30 last night and she even went down without her bedtime bottle, she wasn`t interested. I tried her with one thois morning which she wouldn`t take and has also refused her breakfast.
We`re supposed to be flying to Lanzarote on Sunday and i`m reallly worried that she still might not be very well. Thought about taking her back to the docs to see if there is anything they can give her but don`t know if i`m just wasting my time?
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
(I have also put a few books under the head end of her cot to aid breathing and put a Karvol vapourizer in the room )
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