Omg - pear!

I was eating a pear earlier when Gabe was sitting on my OH lap, anyway he went mental and HAD to have this pear, so I let him have it and he was going mad for it and having huge bites!! I thought I'd better stop him and give him tea instead as it was 4.35 and he screamed the place down, so he has had a pear for tea....and nearly ate the whole thing image He was so protective over it as well bless him!!! I have never seen him enjoy his food so much! xxx


  • Thats lovely good on Gabe! Hope my lo's like that soon. x
  • Hahaha, he knows what he wants and WILL get it! Bless him. Apples and pears make me really nervous, did he manage the skin ok? xxx
  • Go Gabe! At least he is stealing really healthy food, James stole another baby's biscuit today!
  • aww lol least its healthy! xxx
  • Rebecca....When I had it and he was eating it, he ate a bit of skin and was ok with that. I peeled the rest and cut into chunks but he seemed to prefer it whole with the skin! Everything I have read says peel and cut into fingers for babies without teeth who are in earlier stages of finger feeding, but once the baby has teeth and is chewing confidently its ok to give skin. But I still peel things like that most of the time just out of habit!!!
    It's so funny now as he definitely knows what he wants and has tantrums when you take it off him.
  • aw, bless him image at least it was fruit and not a cream cake,lol
    mind u i dont envy u when it comes out the other end,he he (unless its just oliver that has evil nappy with pears)
  • ahhh, I've never tried Charlotte on pear. She's fussy (surprise) with pieces of fruit and either mushes it or throws the pieces on the floor. She seemed to enjoy melon the other day.
  • Sounds like a real cheeky chappy! Got a "healthy" tooth too.

  • Aww bless! Like the others have said, at least it's healthy.

    Haven't tried Kade on pear yet. He's not mad on fruit though. Maybe he'll eat it if I do though....always seems to want what he can't have lol.
  • Wow, that's great. I get really nervous feeding Riley finger food type stuff, but my mum tells me to get on with it as he'll be fine. I'm really silly and put his apple in one of those net feeder things, lol. xxx
  • I would try not to worry...It's good for them to have finger foods as it teaches them lots of skills. I just stick Gabe in the highchair and leave him to it, keep him in my sights but don't stare at him with an eagle eye like I used to lol. I also found it easier to give food in big pieces rather than fingers as he often shoved finger sandwiches down his throat but eats quarter ones properly!
  • Lol, that made me laugh as I have a photo of Riley with a toast soldier. He screwed it into a ball and was shoving it right in! xxx
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