Readybeds ?


I am looking at getting a readybed for my LO does anyone have any recommendations on where best to get them from ?




  • we got a thomas one for our ds,he is 3 now and i probably wouldnt have put him in it until he was 2 anyway because they have a sleeping bag attached so i was worried about him slipping down ,but now its really handy ...i think they only last them till there about 4/5 years old depending on there height xxx
  • we have one, got ours from sainsburys a few months back as it was half price, it's perfect for my 3 yr old but a bit too small for my just-turned 6 yr old but they do make bigger ones.
    look out for offers, argos had them on offer a few weeks ago, not sure if they still do, but a lot of places often have them on offer. Amazon is good too. HTH x x
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