lump above ear

hi ladies

wondering if you can help me ollie has a lump above each ear left one is slightly smaller than right one though, im going to take him to doctors but just wondered if anyone had come across anything like this before and could perhaps put my mind at rest a little about what it is

Rach and Ollie 3 months today


  • i wld be interested in reading any replies to this as i have just discovered the same thing on my son although he's are just below his ears. mrsb84, does it feel like you can move the lumps around a little? xx
  • yeah and they are definitly more soft lumps than hard lumps if that makes sense!

  • same here too. they are like tiny soft peas and makes me feel funny to touch them. i'm scared they hurt him but he doesn't seem at all bothered by them. i have done a bit of google research which is usually the worst thing you can do and i don't think it's anything to worry about but i think i'll mention it to the hv this wk just to be safe. it sounds like it's lymph nodes and if they are smaller than 1/2 inch it's fine. xx
  • daniel has a lump on his neck and we took him to the docs and they refered him to the childrens hospital to get it checked out,i forgot what the doctor at the hospital called it but its harmless,he said a lot of ppl have them and dont even know thay do,he said just as long as it doesnt get any bigger or cause him pain then dont worry,so please try and not worry

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