Tonights the night

Tonight i'm going to put Evie in her own cot in her own room. She usually only wakes for one feed a night but has recently started waking for her dummy, so i'm hoping that she will maybe sleep through in different surroundings. only problem is i don't have a chair in her room to do feeds & the only chairs that we have are from the dining room so i'm trying to get hold of my gran & borrow her rocking chair lol xxxx


  • good luck hun!xx how old is Evie? I wish Charlie only woke for one feed,lol!
  • Aw good luck hun - i'm moving Oscar into his own room in a week or so once hubby gets back from being on tour, at the moment i like the company in my room lol, but i'm sure i disturb him and he'd sleep better in his own room. I'd love a rocking/nursing chair, would come in so handy once he's in his own room x
  • shes 13 weeks, i'm doing it now as hubby is away with work so if she screams blue murder she won't disturb him. Just rang my dad and he's told me my grans had a wooden chair made for me after i metioned it a xmas, she was going to give me it for my birthday next month oh how nice xxxx
  • Aw that's lovely, that sort of thing can be passed down the generations too x
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