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babys bowle movements, help!?!

Hi everyone, Ellie is 5 weeks old today and for the past 2 days her stools are so runny that the nappy absorbs them and even when she is finished pooing she is still pushing and watery poo comes out but looks more like water, there are a lot of colds going around and tummy bugs, do you think she has this? she is otherwise in good form and eating normally. Im confused and dont want to rush to the doctors incase its nothing. Is this normal or not? any advise would be great. P.S. she is bottle fed.
Diane and Ellie. x


  • Hi my daughter is 10 weeks old and never experienced that and she is bottlefed. Thats not to say there is anything wrong. She could have a wee bug or something and maybe has dirrorhea. I would ask your health visitor or take her to the Doctors even just to content yourself. The doctor won't mind at all as thats what they are there for. I would say she is fine.
  • If you don't want to see your doctor you can call NHS direct for advise, i wouldn't leave it as dirrorhea can cause dehydration which can be serious in babies. NHS direct are available at any time and are very helpful even if it only puts your mind at rest it is worth it.
  • hi, for your own peace of mind i would get it checked out, but i have to say my lo is 8 months old and his change from day to day just wait until you wean it looks and smells like adult stuff.
  • if she is otherwise normal and drinking fine she won't be dehydrated (maybe offer extra water) i'd make an appointment with the gp if it last a week though (as diarrhea normally clears up by then)
    so if your worried go see them if not wait it out a few days xx.
    (my l/o had this last week but was otherwise fine, what i've just said is what hv told me)
  • Thanks to all the replys, i put in a bad night with her last night and she is really cranky now, i think i will take her into the gps today just to be sure. thanks again.
    Diane and Ellie.
  • Hi DIane - sorry to hear that Ellie's not feeling well. Kayla had similar when she was changed from breast to bottle and every nappy was poo. I got stool samples taken and it had just been a wee tummy bug that lasted 2 weeks for her as gp said it takes babies longer to work everything thru their system. I hope she is ok - let us know how you get on.
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