Calcium question

I was talking to a friend today about reducing breast feeds to my 7 month old and she was talking about making sure she has 1 pint of milk per day which I already knew about but hadn't given major thought to cos DD is getting 3, maybe 4 breastfeeds a day. Almost everyday she also has a yoghurt or FF and about 70ml of milk on her cereal. But as the milk feeds decrease more, I'm aware I really need to make sure her calcium levels are good. What might you give your LO on an average day to ensure he gets his full pints worth? I realise this sounds like a daft question as I know that she can have cheese, milk, yoghurt, FF but cos I have no idea how much she takes in a breastfeed, I'm concerned that I won't be giving enough calcium each day as the milk feeds reduce?! 70ml of cereal milk, a yoghurt and some cheese sticks don't seem enough!!



  • It probably is enough, a pint isnt very much, especia lly with all those bfs! When you get down to just one or two a day, you mght need to introduce beaker of milk. Remember leafy greens are v important for calcium absorbsion and fish such as tinned sardines that have little soft bones are full of pure calcium!

    Em x
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