How much milk should LO have when weaning?


I am weaning my little boy and he doesn't seem as interested in his milk anymore (think this is a common thing to happen). My question is, has anyone seen any guidelines etc saying how much milk they need to have once weaning starts? We are on two small meals a day.

Thanks for any replies.


  • I was told between 18 - 21oz. I struggle to get this into the boys as they have dropped 2 bottles since we have started weaning and only take 5oz in a bottle. I make sure I put more milk into their meals, by adding Baby Rice mixed with their milk into it. Also, once they reach 6 months you will be able to use yoghurts etc for the calcium and dairy (I dont know if you can before 6 months). I cant as they boys are allergic to cows milk but if I cant get enough milk into them there isnt much I can do about it!
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