fao ccbmommy

Hiya, hope you're all ok.

Just wondering how Charlotte was getting on in her bed now?

Hope you don't mind me asking.

Jem x


  • She's much better. She still gets out when put to bed but nothing like when 1st put in it. I sometimes just leave her and she gets back into bed by herself!

    The last few mornings she's been getting up early and trying to get in bed with me at 6am. She's normally awake at 7.30. I put her back in bed but she gets out again. She didn't get in bed with me until 7.40 this morning though. Was expecting her to get in bed early as OH went out for a 14 mile run at 6am and expecting him to wake her.

    Thanks for asking!
    Hayley xx
  • Oh I'm glad things are picking up for you.

    I do think your OH is crazy for doing that run this morning - it was chucking it down here then!

  • Weather's really nice here.

    He's complaining now of aching! He's doing a half marathon in 3 weeks so he's training for that.

    I'm cooking us all a nice sunday lunch so that will cheer him up! x
  • Bless, you're a much nicer wife than me. Rich may get chilli later if I get round to it later. But then he's not running half marathons!

    Good luck to him. Is he doing it for a cause?
  • No, he's not. I keep telling him to do it for Cancer Research as my mum died from the hideous disease.
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