6 month old not taking to solids - any suggestions?

I started weaning my son 2 weeks ago when he was 23 weeks. He had showed all the signs wanting to eat our food (for months), demanding more milk after a 7oz bottle, holds a spoon well and sits up ok with strong neck.

However after trying baby rice and some fruit and veg purees over the past 2 weeks twice a day he isn't really having anything. He tends to spit it all out and doesn't want to open his mouth after the first spoon. I'm feeding him at least 1-2 hrs after a bottle of milk and when he is generally in a good mood.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do next? Am I trying too many foods too soon? Is he not ready yet - tongue pushing food out?

All my friends seem to have babies that want to eat something and hes not the youngest. We really thought he'd love trying food as he had wanted our food for so long! We did offer mashed potato the other day from our dinner plate and he still pushed it out!


  • My sister had this problem and has found, now little one is 11 months and she has struggled the whole weaning time, that her LO just doesnt like puree! She loves finger foods, although she has to be in the mood. She has stopped worrying now, and LO is getting better. Have you tried giving him food he can feed himself? Would he be able to do this?

    My boys are 25 weeks (6 months on Monday) and wouldnt be able to feed themselves yet. I thicken their purees with baby rice as they dont like 'thin' food!
  • I had a similar experience - I found finger foods was the answer. He was able to put toys etc in his mouth so thought I would try and it and has really worked.

    I give him some veg or fruit, toast etc to play with, which he feeds himself. I then give him stuff of a spoon like fish etc, as i think that would be hard for him to hold at this stage. So not true BLW but works for me!

    Good luck xx
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