What do you feed when your out

What does everyone give their lo's when your out as I tend to stick to being at home at meal times as Evan wont eat the jars, but we are travelling up to vist family for xmas for a few days and so will be out a lot, what shall I do about feeding him, do you think if I take some defrosted veggies in a little cool bag that would be ok, he hates all the jars, apart from rice pudding but obviously cant have that all the time!


  • I usually take jars but I sometimes take homemade food in a cool bag with ice blocks...it's been fine image xx
  • How little is he? When I took the LO I looked after out and we were eating out I ordered a jacket potato with some beans and then scooped in out into a bowl and mushed it with a fork but it will still be a bit lumpy so if he is really little that won't work.
    If you put a few ice cubes in a freezer bag and stick it in a little cool bag then you should be able to find somewhere to heat it up.
    Have a good Christmas.
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