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O/T Looking for a handmade plaque..

I know there are some crafty mummies on here, and I have quite a few facebook pages saved.

What I would like is a plaque for my friend, to display her daughter's artwork etc. So I can give it to her for Christmas, as her DD starts school properly in September.

It would need to be a handmade personalised plaque with pegs. I've seen some, but not exactly what I had in mind.

So do you make them, or know someone who does? Or can you provide an fb page name/link or website in the UK?

Thank you. xx


  • amys personalised crafts made mine and she does pretty much anything - i will take a picture and send it to you she did a one for a friend too with frogs on - give me a sec x
  • I agree, there are so many gorgeous things on there!!!
  • Thanks girls, I have ordered from Amy before, but her website and fb said aren't up at the moment. She does fab work, and will definitely be relooking at her designs. But just wondered if there were any alternatives not there. xx
  • I can highly recommend Chelly Chylumps....a good friend of mine has a page on FB. I have a name plaque on the way....have a look, her designs are beautiful & very original xxx
  • Sorry for word mistakes, on mobile and obviously not checking what I'm writing! I'll have a look, thanks. xx
  • Thanks BabyGaffer, but not quite what I'm looking for, although they are fab. I want one that can attach stuff to. xx
  • Hey mithical, I responded to you on the uk craft pages!x x
  • I've got plaques from both Amy and Chelly Chylumps and they are both lovely and well made x
  • Thanks Mafia, I didn't get a notification, so will have a look. xx
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