she keeps waking in the night......

...and oh & I are getting knackered! Up until Xmas Charlotte slept thru quite well. Since then she's been getting very unsettled,

It ranges from talking to herself for ages, whinging and crying, sometimes when losing dummy. Yes I know I should try giving up the dummy but don't feel quite ready for all that extra stress yet - lol!

Tbh we've been getting up and re-settling her by putting dummy in or if she's in strange position putting her back so she's comfy. That's mainly for us to give us an easier life so we don't have to listen to constant crying/whinging. I know we should just leave her to resettle! We don't pick her up or talk to her (unless she's crying in pain).

I don't know whether this is due to teething (maybe first molars?) or a phase as she has just turned 1. I'm on my own the next 3 nights as oh away with work, and I'm dreading it. I think I'm starting with something too as I ache all over and my ears & throat hurt - great!

What do you think it could be? Has your lo done this at around the same age? I really don't want this to get any worse. Should I just ignore her when she wakes? HELP!!

I have spoken to my sister who has 2 girls ages 1 & 3. She reckons Charlotte could be hungry as it's coincided with her crawling around on her knees and she said she's probably burning more calories so to feed her more & more snacks. Tbh she does seem more hungry nowadays! Could she be right?

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  • Hi ccbmommy, you poor thing - you must be so tired. Here's my two penny's worth. If you're going to stick with the dummy, get yourself a Sleepytot Baby Comforter ( These are so great as you can put the dummies on it, show your daughter how to use it - and you will at least then know she can get her dummy herself. We have one and they honestly do work - my son literally slept through the night after a couple of days using it.

    Is it posible your ds is getting too much sleep in the day so she's not really tired at night? The alternative is that she's getting too little and is then waking up a bit wired at night. I think at the age of one she should be having about two naps a day.

    Maybe try these things and see how they work. I guess you have the whole bedtime thing sorted already?
  • Thanks for your reply.
    She has 1 nap in the day late morning for up to 2 hours. I must admit she does get tired late afternoon but by then it's too late for a proper nap so I try to have a bit of quiet time with her. Maybe a cuddle on the sofa for up to 30 mins (if she'll let me - lol)! When I have tried her for a nap recently in the afternoon she wont settle so I gave up.
    Tbh the last couple of nights she has woken I've not gone to her, just ignored her as much as possible. I know she wasn't in pain etc from her winges so I thought best to leave her so she can re-settle herself. Last night when she woke she re-settled herself quite easily so I'm hoping the ignoring technique may work as if I keep going in when she wakes she'll know she gets attention for it.
    Not the perfect solution but if it works I'll try it!
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