umbillical cord, help!!!

My 3 day old cord bled a little bit and looks like it is gona come off!! the midwife said that is normal but i am still really worried!! can she get ill or something if it falls off early? i am prob over reacting but i dont want her to get ill!! what can i do??


  • Awe hun, it's such a scary experience, but please be reassured that she will be okay. All three of my girl's umillical cords came off early than I had expected and they all have perfect little belly buttons and none had any infections. Try to keep it dry, and don't submerge your lo's tummy in water until it heals up. With my second I admit I put a piece of low adhesive medical tape over it in a bid to try to keep it there longer. I think it might have kept it on an extra 24 hours then it would have other wise. Good luck and congratulations on you new lo

  • She won't get ill if it falls of early. Kelsie's fell off at 6 days and we were worried too. She'll be ok hon, and congratulations too!

  • I really panicked when Harry's came off, think it was about 2- 3 days and I thought it would be on much longer, but he is fine and has a lovely tummy no infection or anything.

    Congratulations, and try not to worry (although at 3 days I appreciate that's easier said than done!)

    Clare & Harry x
  • lo's fell off within a week and me and oh rang nhs direct - they said it would be fine. i didnt feel a itl be fine as long as you keep it
  • Hi ladies thanks for your help, the midwife has just been and said it ts fine its just hanging on by a thread now! im not so worried any more thankyou!!!!;\)
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