1st birthday present ideas

We're stuck!! Lol

We've got 2 months to go but with potentially moving house and me not working we're cash strapped! We're going to have a little party, and we're putting some money aside to give him a really nicely decorated room.

But we'll probably get shot down by my family if we don't get him something. Even though we get him everything he needs as he grows out his toys, learns new things etc :roll:

We thought about a smart trike but it's a little expensive and he hated it when I tried him in one last week lol.

Has anyone got any ideas??


  • Sian is 1 in 4 weeks (scary) we got her a smart trike, it was only ??40 in Smyths instead of ??70 in mothercare.
    We also got her a bubble machine & building blocks.
    I have a few outfits to get then thats it.

    I wanted to do the big birthday party with bouncy castle etc. I fell in love with a big princess cake but it is ??50 & OH just said no lol.....So we are gonna have a wee family tea then family day out the following day to the farm or something.
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