aaahhh rolling over


My LO is 5 months old and has lerned to roll over and does it all the time which i love most of the time but when i put her in her cot she now immediately rolls over so i have to check on her lots of time now but it is in the night that i keep waking thinking that maybe she is rolling over and really worried about cot death etc.

Any suggestions?
I have started tucking in her sleeping bag at bottom of cot and in morning she is lying smiling on her tummyimage

Help pleae


  • i was worreid that hayden might do this but lots of mummies on here who's lo have roled over have said despite all the turning back they have done their lo's always roll back!! So far hayden hasn't rolled at night but i hope if he does he will still have his dummy in and a tip i got was to roll up towels and put thenm on either side of him so that he can't roll.
    love fiona
  • hi hun millie started rolling over at 4 months and still does it constantly! it is very annoying when u r trying to change her! i use to put her in the cot and she would roll onto her tummy about 10mins later at first cos she was only 4months i would roll her back but she would just do it straight away again! there was no way i was going to keep rolling her back! so i left her do what she wanted! if i tried to stop her she would have cried as she loves to be on her tummy. i would just let her roll over, but thats me! i have never been worried about cot death i know that sounds really bad but i am quite a positive person and i dont actually believe in cot death tbh i think that there was always something wrong with the baby to start with i dont see how a baby can just die by sleeping in their cot? x x
  • Charlotte did this and then started sleeping on her tummy. I asked my hv and she told me to leave her as she is able to move around and is obviously comfy sleeping like that. I was checking on her constantly though!
    She's now 13 months and is always sleeping on her front still.
  • Any advice on encouraging your LO to roll?
    Ta x
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