FAO.... C-section mummies

Hi there ! I hope everyone is doing good ! I had my c-section 6 weeks ago and some days maybe about 5 times a day on some days I still get that quick sharp shooting pain that lasts about a few seconds. Do you all still get some pains ? Please share your experiences with me =) I have a dr appt tomorrow but last time I asked they said to take motrin and it's normal that it the nerves trying to connect or something like that. I just wanted to know from real people how you are got along and if it is normal. Thank you in advance !


  • Hun are you breastfeeding? I found not only would I get a pain in my uturus but also my wound. Also I would get a huge amout of pain at the ends of the wound but told it was the stich pulling (in hind sight I landed up with a nasty infection so it was prob that)

    In this weather hun make sure you drink plenty of water as your wound could become dehydrated and that will cause you pain aswell.

    Good luck honey, and they say it takes 8 weeks to heal and it really does, so dont try do too much too soon.
  • Thanks Purple Socks. I am not breastfeeding but I do feel pains in different places like the way you mentioned. It's just that my doctor made it feel that I should probably be doing better. At my two week said that at my 6 week appt that we will discuss that I can do things like situps !!! Yeah right..... How was your infection ? How did you know you had an infection ? At how many weeks days ? I hope I don't have one. I do find too that after I drink water it goes away. I must remember to not forget ! How are you doing now, are you completely pain free now ??
  • I was 10 days post section when my infection kicked in. I only realised because my milk dried up and a few hours later I got a very very very high tempreture, I landed back in hospital for 4 days on very strong antibiotics.

    I wouldnt worry about that though. Keep drinking lots of water and it might help.

    Lo is 3 months old now and even now if I have not had enought to drink my scar itches but I dont get any pain from it what so ever. However the muscles are still very weak so I really dont think you would be doing sit ups - they say you shouldnt do any for up to a year after a pregnancy anyway!!!

    If you do plan on doing situp or any exercise make sure your stomach muscles have come back together.... if you lay on your back and put your finger above your belly button and press down (if like me you have excess padding you will need to do a mini crunch) and you can tell if your muscles are still seperated (your finger will fall into a vally as such)
  • i got quite a lot of pain for a good few months, my wound reopened afer 10 days so that didnt help, i think because of all the shrinking going on and the scarring its quite painful, at about 4 months i felt nothing although at 6 months i am still numb around the scar.

    as for exercise, i got advised not to do any until 12 weeks apart from the exercises given to me by the physio afterwards, i started classes at about 17 weeks which was about right for me.
  • I am 20 months on from an emergency c section and still having pulling type pains etc on occasion. It's particularly bad if I let my bladder get too full and then go to the loo - it pulls internally on the scar tissue (so the doc says anyway). I'm still partly numb around the scar in places too. A small price to pay for my lo's safe delivery nonetheless!
    I started exercise from about 6 to 8 weeks after I think from memory, but I was driving by 4 weeks so I healed fairly quickly : )
  • I also healed fairly quickly from a planned section for my twins. Nearly 9 months on I still get pain in the scar (again, when I need to go to the toilet with a full bladder - I never knew that was the reason posy!)

    I am only just getting the feeling back around my tummy too!
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