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u ok hun? is erin better now? xxx


  • Hi hun Erin is much better now thanks hun, How are your lot, Doesn;t your lo go to school soon? is she going with Kara lo (don't wanna mention his name). I feel a bit guilty Kara looking after Erin when he is starting school cos it must be hard time emotional but she has promised me she doesn'y mind. She is sooooo good to me xx
  • aww, kara loves having erin, and im sure erin and a**n enjoy having each other around.
    my lo's are good- think lolah is teething as she has been very wingy!!! she jus points at everything saying "ga ga" and waves to it hoping it will come to her?! :lol:
    we went to mums for tea this evening and on the way home freya choked on her apple juice in the car- ended up throwing up in her car seat- it was everywhere and i cant do sick very well- we had to pull over, strip her down and wrap her in a blanket as she was naked. now just trying to get her car seat cover to dry as ive jus washed it.
    no freya and l***d arnt goin to the same school which is a shame image
    we will have to get together soon, when freya is settled at school i mentioned meeting with 2aries and maybe doin tumblezone at fleming park when ur not working. xxxx
  • I'd love to meet up may be we could introduce ~2aries~ to Kara as she get on with everyone xx
  • oh definately, should be fun, the lo's r all about the same ages arnt they.
    we will sort something out soon hunni. xxx
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