Evan is 7 months and has meat in a meal once a day, I was told he only needs it in one meal till 8 months, is this right??



  • God is so confusing, I was told once they get to 6 months they need it because of the iron? its so conflicting
  • yeah dont worry to much, Evan doesnt have much milk so was advised to add cheese and stuff as soon as he was 6 months to up his calcium intake.
  • My own HV just told me that once evie was established on three meals a day and was happily eating a range of veg and fruit, then to add meat regardless of the age.

    The advice i got was that lunch and tea should both be protein based meals and the easiest way of giving protein is through meat/fish, also lentils and eggs are great for this.

    If it helps, she also said that where adults would have a small amount of meat with lots of veg, for a baby it is the other way round!

  • i think you will get a lot of difrent answers we have moved a few times over the last 7 years and each HV i have had have all said difrent things they never seem to be able to make up there minds as to what is right x
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