What baby classes do you do with your lo?

Hi girls,

well at the moment my H2B has been sent working away with work so me and jack are on our own all week. i am trying to do lots of different things to get me out and about meeting new people with jack, at the moment we go to gym babes at tumble tots, a baby swimming class and a mother and baby group. i've only been to these a couple of times but am hoping that jack will really enjoy them and that i might meet some other mummies i can make friends with - lol!!

Just wondered what everyone else did with their lo's. x


  • I am back at work but I go to a play and stay at my local surestart once a week, then in the school hols I got to my baby group run by HV team. We are going to take Lily swimming too. Gym Babes is too far from where I live! x
  • We go to bf support group on a Monday morning, baby group Tues morn and thats a BIG group all sectioned off in ages - tea and toast served image Weds is a quiet day I tend to catch up with friends and babies, Thurs is aqua-natal mums lunch meet, Fri music group....

    Come Fri afternoon I usually collapse in a heap and the orange light is on my 'petrol tank', hubby is in charge over weekends :lol:
  • We go to a baby group on thursday (it's an 'under 18 months group', well it used to be but the oldest 'regular' is 20 months!) that's quite small and friendly.
    Me and my friend (Oh's uncle's partner...she's only 28 though!) take Gabe and her lo (15months) to a soft play on Fridays.
  • i take millie to 2 baby groups one is quite small and is toddlers too and the other is just babies 0-1 i think and is packed! about 40 babies! but she loves them both. what is gym babes?? sounds good x
  • I take my lil pudding to a mum and babes pub quiz on thursdays which is really good fun and baby sign language classes on a tuesday. It keeps me sane to have things to do!
  • http://www.tumbletots.com/index.php

    That should explain about GymBabes! There is one in Sheffield, not sure if it is near you or not though? xx
  • yeh just looked its in next village so near will prob go to that! thanks x
  • We go to baby songtime at our local library which is free to go to. Lots of songs and rhymes that everyone can join in with. My LO loves it. Think libraries all over country do similar sessions. We have started going to baby and toddler group too x
  • We go to baby swimming classes and playgroup on a regular basis
  • yea the gym babes class is great, i've only been once but i seems really good. i'm in sheffield, the one i go to is at grenoside. x
  • yea the gym babes class is great, i've only been once but i seems really good. i'm in sheffield, the one i go to is at grenoside. x
  • We've done baby massage and will start swimming soon but thats all there is here xxxx
  • yehi have also taken millie to soft play areas but have just turned up wasnt part of a group or anything but she loves ball pools!! we go swimming once a week but not a group again just turn up she loves to swim!! x
  • I got in a few courses before returning to work. We started with Baby massage which we both loved and we made a few friends there as well. We then started going to Play and stay. Then we started Baby signing which Zacky was a little too young for at the time and we missed the last 2 sessions as Zacky was not well. And this week was our first week without baby bop, and we have both really missed it. The morning sessions were a hoot tbh as they clashed with Zackys nap and he had problems staying awake for all of the session. But if he slept he was laid on a pillow in the middle of the room and woke up by the end of the session LOL. We still go to play and stay every other week, and meet up with our surestart friends though. The others are doing baby signing again at the moment and missed us at Fridays session. Would do them all again if i didnt have to work.
  • I was just wondering at what age did you start going to the classes? My lo is 3.5 weeks old and I was thinking of going to a couple of baby classes. I just think it would be nice to meet other mums as I dont know any in my area.

    Emma image
  • we got the mother and baby/toddler groups and the baby group at the local library. my lot love these groups justin started at 8 weeks, maya at 4 days old and charlie was 8 days old (he would have been just one day old had my pram arrived but it hadnt as he was early)
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