baby's willy? update

Hi Connors 'wee wee hole' as i call it lol is kinda on the top of his willy rather than at the end.
Is this ok?


turns out its balanitis caused by a bit too tight foreskin, weve gotta go back in the new yer to see if he needs circumcision, meanwhile hes on antibiotics.
Thanks everyone for the advice!

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  • its probably just how his fore skin lays
    i wouldnt worry he would let you know if there was something up
  • oh thinks it might be epispadias......drs should have checked this....jsut looked it up on web...
    or hypospadias...
    depending what angle you are looking at the penis.

    Would recommend you taking him to the gp,and they can advise what is
  • Like Sando said its prob how his foreskin lays, Tylers was like it but as he is growing its evening out a bit. If you are worried go to ur docs. Is it really noticable or just slightly on top? xx
  • Maybe to be on the safe side take him to the docs to have it checked out - Ollie's is underneath his tip, and his foreskin bunched up on top so he has to have a circumcision when he is a bit older.
    It has one of those daft long unpronounceable or spellable names...... :roll:

    the paed should have checked before he was allowed home but they may have missed it if its not that pronounced. they usually only keep them in to check on it if it seems to be affecting their ability to wee.

  • hiya babe if it is an epispadias they would have noticed it at birth as they do check for it, or at least the hospital i charlie in they do. they thought he might have had it turn out it just slightly of center but he has to go in and get it checked again when hes six months
  • oh no im really worried now. gonna ring docs first thing tomorrow
  • When Archie was born the Dr and mw bothsaid he had hypospadias. This means the hole isn't right at the tip f the willy. We saw a consultant when he was 6wks old and he said he thought the foreskin was just a bit tight and to come back in a year and see him again. No worries I thought. When Archie had his Dr check and immunisations the dr also thought he had a bit of a problem so we're getting it checked again. Either way no one seems to think its a big issue and it's apparently quite common. Take him to the Dr's but I wouldn't worry too much. S x
  • when my son was 6 weeks my dr told me his foreskin was very tight and said it was nothing really to worry about as long as you make sure its clean and you sry it well after bathing because of infection but they will keep there eye on it as he grows, so far we got no probs
  • hi my son lewis is 4 now and he had to be circumsised 3months ago due to balantitas and recurring infections. I wish it had been done earlier as he was in lots of pain and the infections kept coming every 3-4weeks. I think its better to get it done sooner than later. Plus when there babies they cant pick at it like my son did lol! be warned they look like the dogs dinner after but gets better pretty quickly!
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