Life after the moses basket

LO isn't out of it yet but I was wondering where people put their babies for naps during the day? Upstairs she has the cradle next to me for night sleeps and the moses basket is in the living room for daytime.... She sometimes sleeps in her bouncy chair but seems to prefer lying flat. Will she confuse her days and nights if I put her upstairs?


  • As long as she is sleeping reasonably well at night you shouldn't have a problem with her getting confused. Barney has slept in his cot or crib during the day since he was about 2 months old when he out grew the moses basket (he is a big lad!) and we've never had a problem. I even put the blackout blind down and zip him into a sleeping bag during the day and it hasn't confused him at all.
  • Cameron never got confused, we have a black out blind but i only put it half down in the daytime for naps so its still light.
    when cam was in his moses basket in our room he slept in that at night and in the pram downstairs in the day. then at about 8-10 weeks he went into his own room and started napping in his own room too, he has never got confused so i think you will be ok.
    he would never fall asleep in his bouncer (maybe once or twice but not for long) he also prefers lying down
  • Gabe naps in the cot or pram if we're out. He loves napping in his pram, as soon as we're out the door he's sound asleep.

    He WON'T nap in the front room with everyone around, he's way too nosy, so if we're home - cot it is!

    The only thing is, if he has a late nap (rare these days), I find he gets it confused with bedtime...not sure why as he has a bedtime routine, but he has on several occasions gone down for a nap at 5pm and slept till 5am the next day....I don't let him do it anymore, I just wake him up!!!

  • Naps are usually spent on his side of the sofa, and always have been. He has been known to sleep in car seats in the car. He also sleeps in his pushchair when out and about. If he is tired he will sleep anywhere, including baby bop sessions and playgroup where children are playing around him. He is like his dad and will sleep through anything. We have only ever put him to sleep in his moses basket or cot for his night sleeps.
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