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anyone live near doncaster south yorkshire

hi all

i live in doncaster and i don't have any friends her who have children i have a 2 and a half year old daughter and a 4 week old son.

im looking for people who can meet up and go out and have fun with our children i would love to take my daughter and son swimming at doncaster dome so if anyone fancys going let me know.



  • Hi Becki.

    I live in Bentley, Doncaster. However I work full time (in Sheffield) so wouldn't have lots of time to meet up for fun & frolics. However happy to meet up when I'm off work. Haven't actually got any time off now till Christmas which'll just be manic anyway but feel free to e-mail me [email protected]


  • I'm in wakefield so not a million miles away. I've got two as well, Millie is two and Barney is 15 weeks so similar ages as well!!
  • i really need to get out of this house think i could go insane if i stay in any longer all my friend like to go out and drink and i don't as i don't drink any more and also my oh does not work as he has abad back problem so we are stuck in together and sometimes i feel i could just kill him i see him so much and also whould love to get the kids out or even just one of them.
  • Is there a local toddler or baby group you can take the kids to? Whereabouts in Doncaster are you? My mum takes Lily to a playgroup at Whisper-in-willow nursery in Bentley, which she loves (Lily, not my mum!). They also do a musical minis session which is fun. They have all sorts of activities which is ideal for mums to meet up with other mums. Just wondered if there's anything like that near where you are?
  • yes we have a toddler group near us but oh likes to take my daughter as its there time together and oh has friends there as alot of men take there kids there. but i will be going soon as ryan will be going as soon as he is awake more often and when he is intrested in things other than sleep and milk.
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