How long until your cycles returned back to 'normal'?

Hi ladies,

DS is a year old and we're hoping to start TTC no2 in September. Before I had DS my cycles were every 28 days. I would always get pains on day 14 so I always assumed this was ovulation pain.

Since giving birth my cycles have been all over the place. I go from having heavy periods lasting almost 2 weeks to just spotting here and there. I only breastfed for a few weeks so I know this isn't the reason. I had a smear test and a scan not so long ago and they couldn't detect any problems but I'm still really worried. I have no idea when/if I'm ovulating as I no longer experience ovulation pain so I guess we will only find out for sure once we start TTC if things are in working order.

Can anyone reassure and tell me that they have experienced something similar or whether it's just my body not completely recovered from pregnancy yet?



  • mine didn't really, they started coming back around month 5 (mixfed until month7), but very all over the place...and would range from 30-45day cycles, we started ttc month 11 and got our bfp month 12 (so month 2 ttc), my periods were still unpredictable at that point...for a ocupel of months before we started ttc i started making a mental note of when i notice extra discharge or ewcm, and then when we were ttc we tried to bd around those days, as fate would have it the first month we bd'd exactly when we thought we should etc, month two, we only did the deed 4 times in the entire month and i had two separate lots of ewcm, about a week apart, from dates etc it works out that that second lot was when we conceived, so now i'm not sure if i ov'd twice that month?? but anyway, jsut keep an eye on what ur body is telling, i've never ever ahd ov pains so really don't know about that at all and just tried to keep an eye on what was going on down below xx
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