Tommee Tippee Sensor Pad

We have the TT Monitor with the Sensor pad and have not had any probs....until now. For the last two nights the alarm has been going off almost hourly with a short beep instead of an alarm which means that it picks up movement a second after the alarm goes off. We never have this problem during daytime naps just at night and I have sat with Neve asleep and watched her when the alarm has gone off to check that its not her.

Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Hi hun, i dont have the tt pad but i do have the angel care pad and whent he baby gets to a certain size you need to re-set the sensitivity as they cant pick up the breathing on heavier babys. Not sure if this is any help but thought id suggest it or also you could try the tt website for answers. x
  • Thanks Diane - I know I sound like a dunce but am I changing the sensitivity to higher or lower?
  • Mine is one of the older tommee tippee sensor pad monitors. I think its called the reassurance 8. There is no sensitivity setting on mine but I remember with Amy sometimes this would happen coz she rolled off the 'sensitive' area for a bit & then rolled back on but like you said it made beep instead of the usual alarm
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