Goodnight milk

Do any of you use a goodnight milk and does it work or just a waste of money? Lo is waking at night (7 months) and don't know if it's a habit for him now. Hv said not to use it but they say alot of things!! Help me ladies please, what's your opinion on it good or bad?


  • Hi hon,
    I asked this a while ago and got a few mixed responses. I used it for quite a while and and have to the conclusion that it doesn't make the blindest bit of difference to Callum (8mths)!!!! In my experience, he fell asleep really quickly so didn't finish his bottle or got anywhere near most of the time and still woke up in the night. So maybe if you are having probs settling lo it will help but it certainly didn't stop my baby waking up.

    Callum has been a nighmare with sleeping thru but recently we've had bit of success. I know the hvs would go mental at me for this but we've started putting a low pillow in his cot and ever since we did this, he sleeps much better. We thought he was happier when he was in our bed which he laid his shoulders on a pillow so we thought we'd try and fool him by putting a pillow in his cot and it has been much better (touching every bit of wood!!!) I obviously wouldn't do it for a tiny baby but i think at this ages, it should be fine as long as its not a massively soft pillow. I'm thinking of buying him a light duvet type thing too as he seems to prefer this to blankets.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble on, hope you get some sleep soon!!! xxx
  • I think it's a waste of money tbh but maybe just try it to see if it does make any difference before you make your mind up.
  • Thank you for your replies, did pop out and buy some so will give it a whirl tonight. Tbh didn't think anyone would reply after all the things I have read recently, cos I don't post very often. Thanks again.
  • I think its a waste of money... it actually made my lo wake up in the night the whole time I was using it!
  • I think people have mixed success with it. The only way you'll know is to try it! Could you email Hipp or Cow & Gate and ask for a sample? I'm sure they do them x

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