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can 2 blue eyed people make a brown eyed baby?

HI ive always been told that two blue eyed ppl cant make a brown eyed baby and two brown eyed people cant make a blue eyed baby, but obv a brown eyed and a blue eyed can make either. Is this true?? My ex's son who is 15 has got brown eyes, i noticed it when we first got together, yet my ex and his ex-wife are both blue eyed. their daughter is blue eyed too? No one in her family has brown eyes, and in my ex's family his mother has brown eyes? Can anyone shed any light on this? Also his son had like a tan to his skin??


  • OK I did genetics in biology lol.
    Brown eyes are dominant, blue eyes are recessive (so less common). You have 2 genes for your eyes, one from each parent, at random.

    BR - brown eyes gene. BL - blue eyed gene.

    If you have one of each gene then you will have brown eyes as brown eyes are dominant.
    If you have 2 BR genes then you will have brown eyes.
    If you have 2 BL genes you will have blue eyes.

    2 brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed child as they might both have one of each gene and BOTH pass the blue gene to the child.

    But 2 blue eyed parents can not have a brown eyed child.

    OH parents have blue eyes both and all their 4 kids do too.
  • theory has been disproved lol. but thats what I learnt at school!!!
  • Hi sara. My little boy has got blue eyes while me and oh have both got brown eyes, we were positive when i was pregnant that we would have a brown eyed baby but they're bright blue which i find odd!x
  • my daughter has a mongolian blue spot (birth mark) and this is from asian desent both me and my ex are white british with no known heritidge from other ethnic groups.
    i think this will help with what you are looking at for eye colour tho
  • hi thanks i just l;ooked on there, my exs mum is the only one with brown eyes everyone else has blue, according to that test its not possible unless her parents had brown eyes which they dont. i dunno. not gonna say owt cos think he knows deep down xx
  • I found this which works out the possibility of each eye colour. It's not as simple as just the colour of your parents eyes, it depends on the colour of their parents eyes as well, it's quite interesting, looks like both of my two are probably going to keep their blue eyes!
  • yep.we are both brown eyed,lo has most beautifull blue!
  • My parents have dark brown eyes and i have green eyes and my older brother has hazel. I was hoping lo would have green eyes but they hers are really dark but loos soo cute anyway.
  • My Mother and Father have dark brown eyes I have four Brothers three have brown eyes and the other like me have Blue eyes I thought that if both parents have brown eyes they can have both brown and blue, but if the parents both have blue eyes they can't have a blue eyed child. 

  • you can both have brown eyes and have babies with blue as brown is the dominant gene so if you have brown eyes your eye genes can be brown brown or brown blue, so if two people have brown eyes and are both brown/blue with their genes they'll only pass one to the baby so if they pass the blue form each then their baby will be blue eyed.  To have blue eyes your genes are blue/blue.  It is very rare, more down to genetic 'abnormailty' like the woman who was white with a white husband and had twins one black(is that politically correct?) and one white, but it can happen that two blues can have a brown eyed but in majority if your baby has brown eyes and you both have blue alarm bells could be going off - my ohs uncle recently found out that his adult daughter was not his own and only through talking about how they looked it eye colour came up, he and wife blue, daughter brown!

  • Brown & Blue are the dominant eye colour genes.  My Mother has green eyes & my father blue - both my sister & I have blue eyes. My BIL has brown eyes, their children have blue eyes.  My DH has brown eyes & both our girls have green eyes (mix of brown & blue genes creating green)

  • Well ur theory is wrong! I have blue/green eyes my partner has blue eyes and our son has brown eyes....

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