help - ideas

my boy is 1 on the 4th april so we are wondering what to do for his 1st birthday as its special.

has anyone got any ideas, also what did you do for your childs 1st birthday?


  • I am thinking of having a naming ceremony for lo birthday. Nothing grand, just a few relatives and friends. You can get the registry office to do one for you or you could make your own up.
  • im being silly now by asking this but what do you do at a naming ceremony? ive heard off them.
  • Sorry - should have given a bit more information. It is a bit like a non religious christening.

    Take a look at this to get some ideas
  • we'll be having people round to our house for a party, its in June so hopefully it will be bbq weather cos we only have a little house! lol! his birthdays a monday so we will have a party on the sunday and then prob go to the zoo or something on his actual birthday.
    a naming ceremony is a lovely idea though.
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