No routine. HELP!

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice.

My little girl is 13 weeks tomorrow and we have no routine and no bedtime. Her feeds are every 4 hours mostly but she cat-naps all day and fights going to sleep. No problems through the night but am not surprised, she is so tired. From about 7.00am till 8.00pm she only has about 3 hours sleep.
Her last feed today was 4.30 and was put to bed at 7.30 (kicking and screaming) and is still aseep now. I normally just leave her till she wakes up then feed her.

Will I leave her or will I get her up for her bottle?

I really dont know how to get her into a routine or bed-time. I feel a bit stupid not knowing how to do this. This is not my first baby but my son was so easy and was a text-book baby and had no problems at all.
Any advice would be grate.


  • Hi Kerry, Some people believe int he whole dream feed thing and for some it does work but for us it didnt. so you could try giving her a dream feed if it doesnt work then dont worry and just let her sleep.
    i never really found it that hard to get into a routine. I wask inda lead by my boy. I looked at roughly the same times he was tired and made that bed time. Then added in the bits like bath bottle bed. I think at 13 weeks you cant expect her to be in a full routine but if you ca start with a bedtime routine then usually the rest fits into place. Ususally by the time its in place you have to change it again lol, ive lost count how many times jaydens routine has been changed
    hope this helps!
  • hi sweet
    i got wade into a routine from about 1month i started with the bed time routine 1st and the other feeds just followed but stick to the same thing everynight so she begins to realise whats happening. it took wade about 1wk to get to know what was going on. i remember once he projectile vomit everywhere and had to give him a bath at 4pm so after he fell asleep straight away thinking that was his bed time now cause he had a bath image. i tried the dream feed but that didn't wrk for me. wade would still wake up at 2am still even though i fed him at 11pm so i stopped it and just fed him at 2am. he still wakes at 2am now at 4months but i just started watering down his feed slowly see if he will miss it out in the end.
    goog luck hun
  • Hiya hun my son is 14 wks and i let him lead me he has a feed at 7pm then 8.30 he wants a little top up, and he crys until you put him in his basket i have no problems at night as hes been sleeping through since 5 weeks day time hes a little unsettled feeds every 2-3 hrs and carnt settle him self off in the day but you carnt have the perfect baby all the time
  • Hi ladies, just wanted to say thanks for all the replys and advice. I'm going to try the dream feeding first.see how it goes.

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